A few years after the passing of my grandparent's, my uncle asked me to take my grandfather's slides as I'm the photographer in the family (didn't know what I was doing back then... and I probably still don't. But fake it 'till you make it, right?). 
 I took them knowing the sentimental value that they had, but really ignoring the physical value of them. They are all original Kodakchrome slides going from the end of the 50's until the mid 70's, with a carousel projector -which still works perfectly! Even though he wasn't a photographer, he was an avid observant for a while and these pictures tell a story of my family. 

For many years we had them in storage, and it wasn't until recently that I had the amazing opportunity to take a formation at the prestigious photo agency Magnum regarding their color archive- that I truly understood what I have had kept away for years. 
Kodachromes are -or were- well known for their impecable quality regarding their material; the colors from my grandpa's archive are bright and they barely have any physical or material damage (of course the improper conditions in which they were stored for decades and some family members or family friends not knowing how to handle film, such as leaving fingerprint traces damaged them; but regardless of these issues they are in a pretty decent state). 

While digitizing these photos I experienced a deep sense of nostalgia and I kept wondering about the conversations I could have had with my grandpa regarding photography and also all the portraits that could have been. 

Grandma and her love for flowers.
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